11 December 2017 - 19 January 2018, Rishikesh

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Osho Kumb carnival is going to be held at spiritual divine city of India Rishikesh from 11th DECEMBER 2017 till 19 January 2018. This is such a platform where all osho disciples and followers can come from all over the world and be a witness of this carnival. This carnival will provide a platform to every one to share their thoughts under one roof. A platform where there is no master or guru, but all osho lovers. This is a revolution in the history of Osho World. A open platform where all are one no religion, no casteism. Its like stars in the sky, like wings flying without any obstacle. Love Osho, Live Osho, Sing Osho, Dance Osho, Feel Osho is the key to celebrate Osho Kumb Carnival.

The Whole Effort behind Organising Osho kumb Carnival is to make more and more Awareness about the vision of beloved osho to this universe. Osho Kumb Carnival is the great opportunity for Osho Disciples to come together and spread the massage about love and meditation of our beloved master. In this grand event Osho kumb carnival there will be gathering of around 1,00,000 Osho lovers from every corner of the world. As well as it is an opportunity for the Masters in the world of osho they can come and put their stall to demonstrate the world about their achievement in OSHO WORLD. Osho Kumb will touch a new height of spirituality, joy, peace and celebration. Osho Kumb is going to be a greatest dedication to our beloved master.

Frequently Asked Questions

Osho Kumb Carnival is a program where more than 1,00,000 Osho sannyasis, Osho lovers and spiritual seekers will assemble and spread the teachings of Osho to the society.

A two hours session will be conducted in the morning on music and silent meditation and the will be followed in the evening too for which all the people need to assemble together in one place. For the rest of the time the sanyasis can do anything they want the only condition being that they need to wear maroon colored clothes.

This is the first ever program being conducted where Osho himself will be present to bless the people for the convenience of which a big screen will be put up on the stage.

There will be provision for audio, video and book stalls. People who are masters in the Osho world will be present in the carnival. Information about these masters is available on the website. Anyone who wants any kind of information can contact them. In addition to these someplace will be decided where full day Osho meditation will be organised. People who are interested can take part in these as well

Due to a large number of people attending the carnival, every sanyasi is requested to book their own hotels or ashrams for staying and food. There is accommodation facility for people in the venue itself, the details of which are available on our website www.oshokumb.in where the sannyasis can have their bookings done.

There will be an entry fee of Rs.100 for Indians and Rs.200 for foreigners for the celebration and meditation sessions per day.

Rishikesh is a spiritual place in India where thousands of rishis practiced their meditation. The presence of the divine river Ganga makes it one of the best places for the carnival to be conducted. The maximum numbers of tourists are attracted to this place during the time the Osho Kumb carnival will be conducted. This will help us spread the teachings of Osho and fulfill our aim.

Osho was born on 11 December 1931 and he left his body on 19 January 1990. We could not have chosen a better time for conducting the carnival.

The aim of the Osho Kumb carnival is not only to be conducted this year but we have thought of conducting it every year. If the carnival would be of 3-7 days, the people would look upon it as just any other shivir being conducted. Also, the purpose of conducting it for 40 days is that most of the people are able to attend the divine carnival for at least 5-7 days if not all of the 40 days.

We are trying to use every medium for publicity like social media, newspaper, news channel, Osho times and other Osho magazine . We need volunteers for mouth publicity and social media publicity. Osho sannyasis and Osho lovers can contact us for this work.

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In today’s era WhatsApp and Facebook is the powerful medium for publicity. We have created a page and group on Facebook named “I support Osho Kumb”. People can join this group and invite their Facebook contacts on the same so that we can send information to more and more Osho people.

We will request to the sannyasis who are on Facebook, should tell other sannyasis or Osho lovers who are not on the Facebook.

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Other than of 2 hours of morning evening session. There will be Ganga Aarti, discussion on some subject about meditation, cultural programs, and music programs.
Friends who are interested to give this kind of performance also can contact us.

Off course we need donation help from the people. There is donation facility on the website. People who are interested can donate also.

This is very important point; we will take help from utarkhand police and will arrange our at least 50 volunteers. People who are interested in volunteer work can contact us. We will not pay any amount to the volunteers.
There will be 5 days shivir for the volunteers which will be compulsory for volunteers.

OSHO Kumb Carnival

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