11 December 2017 - 19 January 2018, Rishikesh

Meeting with the master is the evening meditation. It is the conclusion of the day: dance, celebration and silence, a unique opportunity to experiment “the awareness without effort”, the essence of meditation.

"That which cannot be said has to be experienced. This is a great experience of getting into the inner space. Something is experienced in this gathering which no one has been able to define. It’s the peak of all day of work, meditation or groups.” Osho

This meditation starts with high-energy increasing music, in order to let you dance with totality. Let this energy of celebration build up inside you. The more totally you dance, the more easily you will be able to sit silently afterwards.

This silent sitting begins with intermittent Indian music up until three drumbeats. The first part of this meditation is over with three drum beats.

After three drumbeats starts a video of Osho.

Osho says about his discourses:

“My speaking is really one of my devices for meditation. Speaking has never been used this way: I speak not to give you a message, but to stop your mind functioning.“

OSHO Kumb Carnival

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